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Watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Online A freaked out Jack goes to the roof and calls his handler. The female voice on the other end gives Jack instructions and tells him he has 85 seconds and to go to location Gamma.

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Watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Online Free Jack is obviously overwhelmed, he doesn’t know his way around the city, tells her that he’s merely an analyst, and that he’s been at the firm for just three weeks. She keeps Jack in check and responds by pointing out his background. “You’re a Marine. It’s the only reason you’re still alive right now,” she says. “Remember your tradecraft and you’ll be fine.”

After she hangs up, Jack jumps into action, following the instructions that lead Jack to Kevin Costner’s cool as ice character William Harper. Jack is still scared out of his mind like a deer caught in headlights, but Harper insists, “You’ve got to pick somebody to trust, Jack,” after which Jack sits down. Harper spots Jack’s hands trembling and says, “It’s better they’re shaking afterwards than during.”

Based on the Jack Ryan character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy, the film is a contemporary action thriller set in the present day. The original story, written by David Koepp, follows a young Jack as he uncovers a financial terrorist plot.

Watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Online